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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 3:55 PM

So I'm sure you guys have noticed a little delay in art and I apologize. While I usually am speedy, I have in queue two shaded pieces I'm working on and two portraits for one client and it takes a bit of time. (shadeds take so  long omfg.)

On a side note, a few irl issues have really gotten me stressed out. I'll start out with what happened on like Friday and work my way to present.

Friday I had an argument with my significant other and it basically was that I would rather spend time online than with him and thats not the case- as many of you know, I only make money off my commissions. that's my full time job and I draw for 8+ hours every day except for the weekends. Sadly, drawing commissions means I have to be on the computer and I dont like to stop midway through a project- I'd rather finish it all then and there so that I work with a fresh start the next day but that has been causing issues in my real life with my fiance because it means I spend more time with my nose in a screen than my ass on the couch so theres that, and I ended up not going online for the day and not drawing for saturday.

Sunday, I went to the auction yard for a car, the cars I chose were all picked out and i settled for an older car. The cars nice on the outside and clean on the inside but it has engine issues and we didnt get the chance to go saturday to look at the cars (I hadnt even wanted this one) so we didnt get to see that there was paperwork in the dash of the car saying that it has engine problems. I'm going to be raising money on the side to replace broken parts in the car and to fix it up, get money for insurance on it. So far in repairs alone, it needs 400ish dollars. Most of that being struts because all the struts need to be replaced. I need tires too so that might be another 100? All of the tires are  bald and weatherchecked. I may end up just trying to trade it for more cash and try again for something better or do a trade for the car I actually /wanted/ rather than this one. This one is more than likely not gonna save us gas as it's a V6 24 valve engine and not a tiny 4 cylinder car like i was wanting.

It's a 2002 Mercury Cougar v6 premium sport - 2 door coupe
Its REALLY Long and the spoiler isnt the one that comes with it so its super hard to see out the back of. Again, I wasnt allowed to view the cars this time.

Then on Sunday I was rushed to a spur of the moment bbq with family who was over from Virginia. They are my favourite aunt and uncle though my mom had to leave early because my great grandfather on her side was in the hospital. He had been moving things Saturday in his home and a large object struck him in the head and he was rushed to the ER Sunday because he was acting really weird. He passed away Monday morning after we were told he wouldnt make it through the night Sunday. Then monday we had to balance sad and happy because my aunt and uncle wanted to do all you can eat pizza which had been planned since before they got into CA so we went. The lady there was being mean because my fiance managed to come by on his lunch break and wouldnt let me get a new paper plate since everyone put all their nasty plates on mine. She charged us 10 bucks for the plate and all my boy had time to eat was 5 pieces. So 5 pieces of pizza for 10 bucks- that really made me mad and the lady was just being rude to me like I should have known that they charge you for the paper plates. u-u

And so that's why I'm taking a bit, I'm sorry. I also have a stressful weekend coming up because with no way to get to the grocery store Saturday, I have to figure how to get there Sunday and make time for my great grandfathers funeral service which is from 2-5 sunday and thats a terrible time for me and my boo as he works night shift and it means losing sleep on his only day off to get things done before the shops close. Life just needs to calm down ;A;

But thank you for being so patient and understanding, it really helps me out a lot and I really appreciate it more than I could tell you.
I love you guys lots. <33


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