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Don't be a thief. Respect what's mine.

You may reblog my art posts on tumblr as long as it links back to the original but do not take credit for something you didnt do! If I find you doing this, I will report you for art theft.
(be it fair use, criticism, and the likes. I dont care, I will still report because it was done without my permission.)

Copyright law: DMCA



To-do list:
**Updated 11-20-15**

• Gold - Design + reference sheet + port (Design done, port sketched, approved)
• Brandy - Brandy port - flat coloured
• Tweepa - Flat + port
• Uki-u - Icon
• Lumipalo - Flat + headshot
• Kermi - Flat couple + bg

****I am not including trades on here.****

**Waiting on:

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke|Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke|No Requests by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke|Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke|Gifts - Closed by SweetDuke

My babies - Still a WIP

These are my original characters!
Fanart is always welcome and appreciated. ♥
Click the icons to go to their galleries~

They are not for sale so please don't ask!

~~~ Main ~~~

~~~ Feral ~~~

~~~ Anthro ~~~


..I am here today because of you..

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*Dont take it personal if I don't put you on here. ;~;*


------ Getting -------
• Nuggets from transparant x3

------- Wishlist -------
• Chibi from Nheet

• Forever Stef trade
• Brynne trade
• Art trade w/Kerfluffles
• Art trade w/khaosinner
• 200.00 For cats

Happy thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 8:00 PM

Happy thanksgiving all! Hope you enjoy your time with family and have a good feast ;o; I'll be cooking all day as usual tomorrow for me and my fiance~ I always make a big dinner for us so heres to hoping that it turns out alright this year like the two years before! Im making turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, turkey gravy, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, potato salad, deviled eggs, and im prolly missing something but YEAH ;o;

Commissioners! I am working on getting your sketches to you tonight so please sit tight! I was out last week due to complications with breathing. It lasted for 5 days and on the fifth day I decided to finally buckle down and go to the docs- they put me on a breathing machine and gave me a concentrated dose of albuterol  (Which didnt work, made me incredibly shakey and my heart race up to 120) and some chest xrays but couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. After a few hours the breathing treatment started to work though and i was feeling better- my lungs are still pretty weak and recovering from 5 days of not having enough oxygen. All I could do, literally, that week was sleep. I slept some 14 hours at once and was having difficulty doing anything at work. I had asked the doc that while i was there, if I could get a new inhaler too since its been 2 years since I re-newed my prescription anyways which he said was fine and did. He didnt know what was wrong with me, like always, but I'm thinking that it had to do with asthma but I'm not entirely sure what triggered it so I'm not sure how to avoid that reaction in the future. ALAS THOUGH I do have an inhaler this time so I'll just turn to that if it happens again. I absolutely haaate albuterol and its effects on me. It always makes me shake, makes me paranoid, makes me jittery and incredibly hyper as well as makes my heart race. The doc did think that it was anxiety because my heart was going so fast even after i told him that albuterol did that to me and yet he didnt even prescribe me anything in place of his thinking it was anxiety. Just gave me a card/number to another doctor who was in a town i dont even live in and said i should get a regular doc. Problem is i dont go to the docs enough to even need one. u_u Not a whole lot of help!

TLDR The reason for the delay was I was unable to do anything but lay in bed and sleep for 5 days (with the exception of forcing myself to go to work) and went to the docs, got fixed up, and am now feeling better! Still recovering but def working on getting your sketches out to you today. <3

Ps, if you have not paid your invoice please do so. I do not work on commissions that have not been paid!


deviantART: Sushi
Furcadia: Sushi

Livestream: Doodlejunkie (Mon-Fri)
Twitch: Doodlejunkie
Youtube channel: Doodlejunkie

deviantART: Sushi Laura
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tumblr: Doodle-junkie (art)
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Laura | Artist | 23 | NorCal

Hello, my name is Laura and I am an artist who has made a career in digital art. I am quite friendly and enjoy talking/meeting new people. I am not very open and do not talk a whole lot about personal life even on my dA journals so please understand that if I go silent or seem a little withdrawn its more than likely just because I am having a bad time irl. Please do not be intimidated by me! Don't be scared to message me if you have a question or anything, I promise I don't bite. :heart:

Regarding pronouns
I am me. There is not one label that can define me. I am a complex mix of a little bit of everything that makes up me and cannot be described or defined with just one label. I am my own person- proud to be an individual. My name is Laura and if you must label me and everything that I am, you can label me as what I am. Laura. I have no preference in silly labels so please don't ask what I prefer, just call me as you perceive me or by my name! Thank you.

Drug-free artist - Stamp by JWiesner|Alcohol and cigarette stamp by DevaPein|Drunk people stamp by MarmaladeYuu
Don't Need Drugs... by peppy-heppy|Support my art stamp by HappyStamp|Fantasy-Tard by World-Hero21
California Republic NV Stamp by SuperFlash1980|Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp|ON FURCADIA stamp by RonTheWolf
FAM Stamp by tombstone|Non-furry Furcadian Stamp by AnScathMarcach|FAZ Stamp by tombstone
The Life of a Night Owl by savagebinn|Commission Stamp +Decline+ by RobotBunnyInc|Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221
Comment Stamp by Poiizu|DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther|commission me stamp by otakulottie
Own Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothMan|Toothless Love Stamp by smileystamps|Portal Companion Cube Stamp by nekojyn
Wheatley Stamp by JaybieJarrett|Aperture Science Stamp by smileystamps|Aperture Science Stamp by portal-club


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Thanks for the watch! And I love your username > u <
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Of course! Youre more than welcome ;u; And thank you haha~ It was the name of my Kitty. :3
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Thank you so very much for the fave on I really appreciate the support :D :heart: I'm still so glad you enjoyed your Secret Spooky :)
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Of course! And im gonna add the Juli one you made to my faves too as soon as I get the chance to sit and comment on it ;u; you did such an amazing job, Im so glad you joined this year!
PreciousAngelWings Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Professional General Artist
lol Ok XD Thank you :) I'm so happy I joined as well! I made so many art pieces this month like holy cow! @.@ It showed me that when I set myself in motion I can do a lot. :D
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